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Disney RFP for Scuba Tank Fills

Updated: Mar 23, 2020




To facilitate the ongoing environmental efforts, responsibilities and fostering of a healthy under water marine life environment and landscape, the Walt Disney Animal, Science and Environmental Team is in need of an island vendor / contractor to provide the following scope of SCUBA related services:


  • Provide 30 each, 80 CF aluminum scuba tanks, daily for a 7 day period, to be air filled by an approved breathing air scuba tank compressor to no less than 3000 psi.

  • This service will be needed three times per year. Total = 210 fills per 7 day period, 630 tank fills annually.

  • Contract duration is for 3 years / 36 months

  • Tanks to be returned to vendor “empty” with no less than 300 PSI remaining.

  • 30 filled tanks are to be transported from the compressor fill location, delivered and dropped off at Davis Harbour. Please have the tanks on site at or before 6:30 AM, each day for this 7 day period. At the same time, the winning vendor will pick up 30 ea. empty SCUBA tanks to be filled and then delivered to the team, full, the following morning.

  • Disney will provide 30 ea., 80 CF aluminum SCUBA tanks, to the winning bidder in order to supplement this process. All Disney furnished 80 CF Aluminum scuba tanks will be new and delivered to the contracted bidder / vendor with current and up to date visual and hydro inspections completed.

  • The contracted vendor will thereafter manage the Disney SCUBA tanks to insure all tanks have the Annual Visual Inspections and the 5 year hydro inspections as required.

  • 30ea., 80 CF aluminum tanks will need to be provided for use by the contracted vendor.

  • The contracted vendor will need to store, on his premises, the 30 Disney provided scuba tanks for the period this contract will be in effect.

Bidder will provide additional rental pricing for other scuba gear and equipment to include:

  • Mask and Snorkel Rental

  • Scuba fins Rental

  • Weight Belt Rental

  • Weight Rental

  • BCD vest Rental

  • Scuba air regulator, equipped with pressure gauge, depth gauge, auto fill connection hose for BCD and an octopus regulator / Rental

  • Wet Suit Rental / (Sizes will vary)

BIDS DUE APRIL 3, 2020 by 5:00 PM


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