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COVID-19 Recovery: Restart and Stimulus

This week, the Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce (ECC) launched its COVID-19 Recover: Restart and Stimulus document.

Over the past several weeks the ECC has been assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Eleuthera's economy and discussing ways that it can jumpstart the island's economic engine once it's given the 'all clear'. Over the last month, we launched a COVID-19 Impact Assessment Survey and hosted a Virtual Symposium to garner feedback from our members on the impact of the pandemic and ways in which we can recover. Following our consultations, we believe that the Government, through various economic stimulus programs, will play an important role in helping Family Islands. We have attached our COVID-19 Recovery document for your review. You will note that it focuses on three (3) important areas (foreign investment projects and major developments; investment in the Family Island Businesses; and Real Estate/Construction).

Note that the results from the impact assessment survey have can be found in the document's appendix. We thank you kind continued support as we endeavor to advocate for businesses on the island of Eleuthera and across the Family Islands.

Click below to download the document.

COVID-19 RECOVERY (Family Islands) (Fina
Download • 3.51MB

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